Welcome to JITO UK

Core Initiatives

Business & Professional Leadership

Global Trade

Ladies Wing

Provides Current JITO UK board has set their priorities under three core pillars of activities. Specific focus to develop activities for ladies in UK and then collaborate with international Ladies Groups.


JITO Business Network

  • Enabling cross-chapter networking for business

Opportunity Creation

  • Enabling discussions and engagement for new business ideas, diversification and investment

Professional Development

  • Enabling access to leadership training, mentoring and inculcating entrepreneurial mindset

Investing for growth

  • Bringing experts know-how and insights to develop financial acumen and building growth portfolio
  • Exchanging ideas for investing in equities, properties and various other asset class

Entrepreneurship & Startups

  • Organising start-up pitch session
  • Facilitating connection between founders and investing community (VCs, Angels and Family funds)
  • Enabling access to extensive entrepreneurial support offered to Jain founders by JITO Angel Network (JAN) and JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF)


Overseas Student Support

  • Provide dedicated guidance and support to overseas Jain students arriving to the UK for higher studies
  • Provide assistance regarding travel, accommodation, settling in the UK, vegetarian food/tiff ins services and connecting with fellow Jain studies across different UK cities and universities

Career Counselling and Consultancy

  • Provide and direct expertise in searching part-time and full-time jobs
  • Guidance around searching jobs in the UK and facilitating reach to community business and employers


  • Organising social events celebrating festivals
  • Charity fund raising for noble cause
  • Spreading Jain values by participating in cross-community events and forums
  • Bringing access to JITO Matrimony platform for the UK Jain families and community