Welcome to JITO UK Community

The Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) is a global network of businessmen, industrialists and professionals, brought together to practice and promote ethical business practices, in accordance with Jain principles. The Jain International Trade Organisation (UK Chapter), works to create a business community and connect professionals in the UK through our JITO UK channels and events, with the aim of fulfilling our visions of Seva, Knowledge and Economic Empowerment.



Our Global Visionary Objectives mainly focus on Service (Seva), Knowledge (Shiksha) and Economic Empowerment (Aarthik Sudhardhata) of the community and the society at large.



Our Mission

We envision a stress free world where JITO play a constructive role in bringing in the holistic tenets of karma and moksha in our daily lives. We hope to usher in a world that is violence free and disease free.

We aim to create a world body of influential and powerful industrialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals, who come together to service humanity and share knowledge.

JITO strives to become a World Class organisation, achieving higher economic prosperity and caring for the underprivileged, enriching humanity in violence-free, poverty-free and disease-free world.

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UK Chapter Launch
JITO Dubai September 2008
JITO Hong Kong September 2009
JITO UK June 2016
JITO Nepal March 2017
JITO USA - New York November 2017
JITO Thailand December 2017
JITO Singapore January 2018
JITO Japan February 2018
JITO Kenya May 2018
JITO Uganda May 2018
JITO Australia June 2018
JITO USA - San Francisco June 2018
Dubai October 2015
San Francisco, USA September 2016